Been another great week here in Uganda! This week for our mornings we did a variety of ministries. Markets, hospital, school, and prison ministry. For the market ministry day our

It has been SUPER AWESOME! i never knew how much fun it is to spread the Gospel. I’ve never done a mission trip like this and it was one of

YWAM Medical Ship- Karine’s story, Part 2

The last post from Karine’s adventure on the YWAM Medical ship in PNG left us wondering what solution Watto, the ship’s handyman, could bring for Ruth- a woman who has

As a team leader I was so blessed to have a group of eager students with me. They were open to be used by God, and He did use us!

I and the outreach team have been in Borneo for 5 days now, and we’ve had an incredible time thus far. You immediately know that you’re in a third world

Well, well, well, we here at the YWAM Byron Bay HQ have been feverishly working away, gearing up for this very exciting moment, a redesigned website. It may not seem

Today we said goodbye to the first Outreach team…. Sad day! But, really exciting at the same time. Here at the base we are looking forward to hearing all of