Uganda Outreach Update – Week 3

Been another great week here in Uganda!

This week for our mornings we did a variety of ministries. Markets, hospital, school, and prison ministry.

For the market ministry day our contact really felt on his heart to go to specific market and preach. When we arrived Sam felt to approach a group of about 15 males in their early 20’s playing pool. While Sam was sharing at first their were joking around and not really listening. Sam shared that our God is a healing God and asked if anyone there needed healing. The boys thought he wasn’t speaking the truth and brought a lady with paralyzed hands thinking God wouldn’t heal her. Sam prayed for her and she had full feeling restored to her hands. At that moment there was a spiritual break through and we shared the gospel with them. They all came forward asking for prayers of wisdom, blessings, and healings. After everyone had been prayed for including some bystanders 11 people gave their lives to Christ.

We also had the honour of going to a maximum security prison with our contact Robert. This was the first time he had gone to this prison. None of us were sure of what to expect. All we had been told was that it was maximum security with 1,000 male inmates. We were very excited to go and minister to everyone there. Upon our arrival we were greeted by prison officials and an amazing woman named Florence who has been ministering for 5 years in the prison. Much to our surprise the inmates had a very large church body. Around 200 people. They didn’t call themselves prisoners but instead called themselves believers. We met in the prison yard under some tarps with benches and chairs. It was a great reminder that the church is about a body of believers, not a building. We spent about 3 hours in church with them. Performing skits, and sermons. We all left feeling encouraged, and exited that Robert and his church will continue to reach out to this prison.

Last week we were in a village called Maayni. It was without a doubt the most spiritually oppressed village we have visited yet. The first night there was 50 people (normally there are 200) but the last night we had 175. To see it grow a little each night was wonderful! This village had a lot of heavy demonic presence. Each night we saw people delivered from being oppressed spiritually. Though we didn’t see great numbers of people coming to the crusade we saw incredible change in the people including the chief of police coming to The Lord.

The team is doing great! Everyone is healthy and excited for next weeks ministries. Everyone is growing in many ways and continually stepping out in faith and obedience.

This upcoming week we will do some more schools and go to a new village. We are also going to help build a garden for a local school and help out however we can. Exciting and new ministry opportunities are always popping up.

Prayer points:

– Continued health, unity, safety, in the group
– Open hearts for everyone we will meet
–  Wisdom and knowledge in all that we do.


YWAM Byron Bay