DTS stories- Raoul
hanging with some of the boys on outreach
hanging with some of the boys on outreach

It has been SUPER AWESOME! i never knew how much fun it is to spread the Gospel. I’ve never done a mission trip like this and it was one of the most precious experiences that i’ve ever had in my whole life.
During my time in Byron Bay I grew soo much in my relationship with God… it was almost like i walked from the darkness into the light. I learned so much from all the speakers who are coming from all over the world. I strongly believe that it was God who was leading me to this wonderful place! The atmosphere during the whole DTS was so joyful & filled with the love of God to each other…we had a great unity in our whole group. It’s the perfect place to do ministry in Byron & of course i loved the surfing in the morning- just awesome!

But let me tell you a little bit about OUTREACH!

During the 7 weeks in these foreign countries [East Timor & Indonesia], i saw God working in people and in the atmosphere so clear as never before! My favourite part was definitely our time in the villages. God was speaking so clearly to us what we should preach & so we got many chances to lead many people to Jesus! That was a wonderful experience! We also saw a lot of healings as we prayed for people & Jesus healed them- so amazing!

I’ll just quickly tell a story about an older lady that got healed: she came to the front of the church after the service when we called for anyone with sickness or issues to come receive prayer. The people in this Christian village were really believing that God is a living, working God who can heal.┬áSo this lady was telling the translator that she can’t really see anymore, that everything is dark and blurry…. And at this evening i really felt the presence of God in this church.

So i prayed for this woman & after we asked her how her eyes were, she said they were better. I prayed again in the authority that the Holy Spirit has given us. I prayed 5 times & each time she said her eyes got better until in the end she said they were completely healed & she could see without any problem!

Awesome! Praise the Lord! We experienced that quite a lot of times & we really felt that God was with us during this whole time.

I would highly recommend YWAM Byron Bay to everyone who wants to get closer to God, who wants to know God & make Him known.

God bless you!

YWAM Byron Bay