Testimonies from DTS- Nadja

This post begins a fresh season of gleaning from the most recent graduates of our Discipleship Training School here in YWAM Byron Bay.

Every week we will be posting a new Testimony, sharing all things that glorify & lift up God, to encourage any & all who read. Both simple & profound, each story gives personal insight from some of our favourite people about our loving Father & things they’ve experienced over the last 6 months. 

Testimony from DTS

Nadja Wälchli-Schranz

Nadja & the kids

I want to share a little story what God taught me during my DTS.

It was in that week where we got teaching about Evangelism. I was a bit afraid of this week, cause i wouldn’t consider evangelism as one of my favourite things to do or see it as one of my strength.

On one of these days, Stevie, our speaker from Hawaii, hit me with the following statement. He said; “If you don`t have a heart for the lost, you`ll never really know Gods heart.” Wow! Yes, I wanted to know God better, wanted to know Gods heart, and I knew that God cares about the lost – but I didn’t feel having that heart.. So I thought, if it is really that important to God, then he has to show me his heart. So I prayed, “God, please show me people the way you see them, show me your heart for them and break my heart for what breaks yours.” I didn’t think a lot about this prayer, but about two weeks later, God started to put people on my heart! And not only that! I started feeling probably just a little bit how God feels about them, but i started weeping and crying, felt such a strong need to pray for them, sensing that I might be the only person praying for them! I felt real heart-pain, just a sense how much God wants to have a relationship with them, and how much He’s longing for them.

God showed me, that this is gonna be a big part in my future, seeing Gods heart for people, and to stand in the gap for them.


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