YWAM Medical Ship- Karine’s story, Part 2

The last post from Karine’s adventure on the YWAM Medical ship in PNG left us wondering what solution Watto, the ship’s handyman, could bring for Ruth- a woman who has suffered for over a decade from the pain & physical effects of one leg being 6 centimetres shorter than the other.

Here, their story continues…

With the difference between her left and right leg, she had to keep her right knee bended at all times. After discussing the situation with Hannah, my clinic leader, we figured our handyman onboard, Watto, might be able to make her a shoe extension. After some days looking for a suitable pair of shoes and shaping the shoe sole for her left shoe, Watto was able to give her a pair of shoes that made it possible for her to stand straight without having to bend her right knee and twist her back.


Watto's new shoe for Ruth

 Watto was excited about the construction, and we were both excited about being able to help Ruth. But i think Ruth was, more than anything, grateful that somebody for the first time since she was 15 years old made an effort in trying to make her daily life a little bit easier and less painful.

Watto watches as Karine measures Ruth's hips

After praying together, I promised Ruth that if I ever had the chance to come back to Karati, I would try to bring her a real orthopaedic shoe perfectly shaped for her foot and the size of her leg. But till then, I pray that she will get easier days with what Watto made for her, and that she will remember us as people bringing some of the goodness of God to her life.

Karine with Ruth & Watto

YWAM Byron Bay