As a team leader I was so blessed to have a group of eager students with me. They were open to be used by God, and He did use us! We had great fellowship with the Indonesian Christians, we preached, we shared encouragements, testimonies and dramas, we had alter calls where people poured out their heart in front of God, we saw healings and reconciliation between family members. We prayed for hundreds of people, but often we had a problem understanding their prayer needs caused by language barriers.

In a village in the Borneo jungle we went on a house visit to a guy that had been in a car accident three weeks ago. When we entered the house, he was laying on the floor in his living room on a mat. He had been lying there since the accident with shoulder pain, intense head ache and bad eyesight on his right eye. We prayed for him once. I asked him if there were any physical changes. He told us that the head ache was decreasing, and so was his shoulder pain. We prayed for him again, and this time his shoulder was not hurting anymore, and his head ache was almost gone. He started to move his arm properly for the first time since the accident, and it didn’t hurt! We left the house praising the Lord together, and the team was again thankful for being used by the Lord.

– Karine

YWAM Byron Bay