3rd Indonesia Outreach Update
We are back in Pontianak after three weeks away.  It’s been a good time.  We’ve done a total of 22 services and too many house visits to count.  

We’ve visited 6 villages in about 10 days.  In the last village we were in, we were the first missionaries that had been there in 60 years.  We visited in the home of an 80 year old woman who had entertained the first missionaries 60 years before back when she was a young girl of twenty.  

She was so honoured to have us in her home.  On one day, we helped with a building project one of the churches was working on, so we spent the morning hauling buckets of cement.  The pastor there was so touched by our being there. 

Now we are back in Pontianak resting up and waiting for Tiffany to join us.  Keep praying for us–for continued energy and enthusiasm and good health.  

Pray for Sofie as she’s had a bit of an ear infection that’s been giving her some of pain.  
YWAM Byron Bay