2nd Cambodia Outreach Update..
This past week has been quite eventful and so full of God’s wonderful love and provision!  God is so good!  

About a week ago, the girls (who are all sleeping in the same room together) were having issues sleeping for one reason or another.  

One night, Elise woke up with a fear unlike anything she had ever felt in her life before.  At about the same time, Ashley was dreaming about casting a demon out of somebody.  Elise felt a calm rush over her, and she slept the rest of the night without problems!  

The next day, we shared the experience with the whole group, prayed over the room, and haven’t had any issues since.  The enemy is out there and trying to get to us, so please keep us in your prayers!

         On a happier note, this past week we have integrated ourselves into a youth program that takes in youth to live, learn, grow, and study the Bible every night.  This place is called Water of Life.  

The people who run it are awesome, and the kids in it are so cool to hang out with.  Along with Water of Life, we have also been integrating ourselves into two different orphanages.  

One orphanage has 30 kids and 3 staff, and the other one, which has just started up, has 7 kids and 2-3 staff.  We have hung out with all of these kids and have had so much fun!  

They are all really good at the card game ‘Uno’, and we are teaching them fun Christian kids’ songs and how to speak English as well.  We have given a couple of Bibles to the orphanages so the kids can hear about Jesus and His awesome message!  The kids love to draw pictures, get their pictures taken, jump on people, and generally just have fun.  

They are so happy!  At the orphanage with 7 kids, the sewage system no longer works, so it is flooding.  As the rainy season is coming up, they need to have that problem fixed right away or else their house is going to flood again.

         We went to a birthing clinic two days ago and got to sing songs, do a couple of dramas, share a testimony, and just hang out with the mothers and their kids.  It was a good experience!

         Today we are going to the opening of a pre-school not far from the place we are staying, so we are going to dress up and Paul is going to share a mini-testimony as well.

         Everybody is doing well health-wise, no serious sickness and everybody is still up and about.  A few people in the group have been having some stomach issues, but other than that, all is well.

         Three days ago we went to Water of Life (about 15 minutes away from our base) and did a prayer walk around the area over there.  We went off in groups of two and prayed for whatever the Holy Spirit laid on our hearts.  

One of the things we saw on the prayer walk was a woman who offered us her kids.  People here in Cambodia think that a white person can take care of their kids better than they can, so they often try to give them the best possible future.  It was very sad to see a mother willing to give up her kids to a complete stranger though…  Culture shock for sure.

         Those are some of the main things that have been happening recently, and I also would hope that you would support us all through prayer everyday.  Some major prayer points are:

  •          Continued unity in the group
  •          Energy as we go out in the heat to play with kids
  •          Share God’s love in the best way
  •          Learn the language so we can share simple messages
  •          Families willing to pass on their kids
  •          The group will continue to grow and experience what God has for us

         I hope this helps to keep you all updated!  I plan on sending out a newsletter once every week depending on internet availability and such.

Thank you so much for your prayers and I hope you are all doing well in this wonderful day (or night) that the Lord has made!

God Bless,
Cambodia Team

P.S. Praise the Lord the temperature is going down!
YWAM Byron Bay