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Foundations matter. And there's a reason the DTS is the foundation of all that YWAM does and is. Come and stand on a solid Foundation.

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YWAM Adventure DTS

Have an adventure both inside the classroom as you explore the depths of Christ & outside as you explore what Australia has to offer.

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Get to know the Creator of heaven & earth as you discover new ways to creatively engage with God & others!

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What's Happening at YWAM Byron Bay?

Seeing healing’s at the friday Barbecue, God is amazing! Truly impacting lives.

Steve - Square

DTS was a turning point for God to do an amazing transformation in my life, and the past six years on staff has been even better!

Mel has been staffing with us since she finished her DTS in 2008. She is a member of the Base Leadership Team, is one of our DTS Directors, and is also part of the Training Team here at YWAM Byron Bay.

Flying to Australia’s seemed a bit pricy, experiencing God like I did… Priceless!


Is that really you God? Hearing the voice of God. That is the title of Loren Cunninghams book, the founder of YWAM. These words perfectly describe my first week on DTS.

Janus - Square
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To all of our generous supporters

Our PropertyAs you are aware today is the deadline for the deposit for the property we are currently using as a YWAM facility. Unfortunately, we have not been able to reach agreement with the owner for the inclusion of some standard clauses in the contract, as required by our YWAM National Executive. After much prayer we have decided that we will not pursue further the purchase of this property. God has taught us so much in this time and we are so thankful for the support that has come from all over the world. We would appreciate your prayers in this time as we look for a new home for YWAM Byron Bay.

For those that have supported us financially we will be in contact with you within a week.


Kevin and Tiffany

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