Welcome to YWAM Byron Bay

Come and join us for the ride of your life! You will never be the same!

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Take the road lots travelled!
Come and reach out to the surfers and backpackers here and around the earth!
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Ready for some crazy?
Ready for some sea kayaking, surfing, mountain biking, snorkeling or sky diving?
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Start your endless summer!
How about a proper DTS near the beach in a chilled surf town in Australia?
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Let's fulfill the Great Commission!
If you've done a DTS and have a heart to reach the nations, do your SOE with us!

About Us

Come and get to know us in person!


We are located in Byron Bay, a beautiful surf town on the most Eastern shore point of Australia. It’s known as a very spiritually open place and a vacation & surf hot spot! Tons of backpackers and families come through here every year which makes it easy to reach the nations – because they come to us!

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What is YWAM?

We're changing the world since half a century!


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Be part of fulfilling the Great Commission!


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